Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hiding & Animals

Yesterday, Sophie hid for the first time! She was in the living room one minute, but gone the next. I quickly looked in the dangerous places for her - the office with the litter box - not there. The bathroom, toilet - not there. Daddy's bike room, not there. . . . .

Daddy said "She's hiding from us!" I said, "What do you mean?"
She was quietly peeking out at us from the crack at the hinge of the bathroom door! Daddy said he saw her peeking out at us while we were looking for her. Hilarious.

It's official - she loves animals. Her favorite book is called "I Love My Daddy Because. . " and each page has a picture of a different animal daddy and animal baby. She loves the art work and the animal pictures! I have a small book of b/w photos of animals, not meant for babies. She loves it! She continously chooses those books from the shelf for us to "read" to her.

And, she knows the "sign" for gorilla or monkey. Whenever she sees a primate in either book, she beats her chest and makes a "hoo hoo hoo" sound. She recognizes cats, dogs, goats and monkeys so far.


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