Tuesday, January 10, 2006

First Answer!

Yesterday while driving, I heard grunting coming from the back seat. I said, "What are you doing back there?"
Sophie replied, "I'm reaching!"
And she continued stretching her little arms up into the air and grunting!

An episode of Diego and/or Dora has them singing "Reach! Reach! Reach!" so she was practicing.

She is able to count to 10 as well, but not without help from Mommy or Daddy. Daddy was first to notice this.

She is also singing lots of songs, surprisingly recognizably. She loves Ring around the Rosie and was even singing some Loverboy in the car - "Turn Me Loose! Turn Me Loose!"

Today we had another first. She would not go into the daycare at the gym. There is a new woman there, with a son named Donny. Sophie was in there yesterday with them, and she didn't really like it. Donny may be a bully. Today she took one look at them, and wouldn't go past the doorway without being in my arms. We ended up abandoning the gym after I overheard the woman saying some particularly damning things. . . . not a good sign.


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