Friday, December 02, 2005


Sophie's words are just exploding. She is even saying sentences, but it takes me a while to even realize it, b/c I am not expecting it.

At the gym yesterday, she said "I play too" when we got the play doh out.

She loves to repeat words I say - she loved saying "Cubby" when we visited Cub. And when I say "buffalo" she says "hoppalow".

Her nap has now officially gone to noon, and I am loving it. I can get a lot accomplished during that naptime.

We went to playgroup today, and when she got frustrated and tired, she started throwing toys around. That was my signal it was time to go!

She had her first real "conversation" on the phone with Daddy this week too. Instead of just listening to the earpiece, and looking at me and exclaiming "Daddy!", she actually started babbling to him.


Blogger oldhall said...

Nice! That's such a great age for kids, so much fun, discovery every day...

2:28 PM  

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