Wednesday, November 02, 2005

051028 crayonmouth

051028 crayonmouth
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The love affair every girl has with crayons and drawing is now at full bloom with Sophie. She is loving drawing, and wants to color all the time. Unfortunately, once she tires of drawing, she begins chomping on the crayons. . . at which point I take them away and she cries.

Luckily, so far, she doesn't care if the paper she draws on is clean or not.

She visited Stanford today to take part in a research project for the Center for Infant Studies in the Linguistics department. She looked at pictures that flashed on a screen, and listened to descriptions of them. They videotaped her to see if she looked at the pictures the voice was describing.

She had her best nap today that she's had in a LONG time. I left her in the car seat in the garage for it, and she was nice and warm in there. I think this house is way too cold, and it causes her to wake up way before she is done with her nap.


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